Lion (2016)

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:01 am
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Wow. I don't know why I kept hearing buzz that this wasn't a very good movie because I thought it was excellent. However, I also have a deep love for reunion stories and improbably true stories so I was clearly the intended audience.

If anyone had told me what the movie was actually about I would have watched it ages ago.

When Saroo is 5 years old, he gets lost and ends up on a train that takes him 1000 miles from home. He family lived in poverty, he doesn't know his own surname, no one can recognize the name of the town he says he's from, and he ends up in an orphanage in Calcutta. He's adopted by an Australian couple and grows up in Tasmania. 20 years later he starts to remember bits of his early life and family and becomes haunted by a quest to figure out where he's from. And then spoilers )

Holy shit, what a story. I'm wondering if the book is worth reading.

Also, you spend the entire movie trying to figure out what the title means and when they reveal it at the end, damn. I was bawling through the entire last 20 minutes but in a good way.

Dev Patel is amazing (and whoa suddenly really hot), Nicole Kidman is subtle and complex, and the kid who plays young Saroo is brilliant.

It's on Netflix in the US.

Legion - season 1

Jul. 14th, 2017 11:20 pm
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Everything about this show is delightfully surreal. Like way to take your balls-out weird premise and just run the fuck off a cliff with it while giggling maniacally. It's kind of awesome. I love everything about the look of the show, in all its out-of-time, trippy lighting, insane clothing, 70's colors, mindfuck glory. The music is pretty amazing too. The whole thing is just really well done.

spoilers )

Lucifer season 2

Jul. 13th, 2017 08:19 pm
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Getting caught up on all the many shows I fell behind on.

This show is just so entertaining.

Read more... )

Teen Wolf, again...

Jul. 10th, 2017 11:28 pm
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Dammit, I thought I was done with this show for good when Hoechlin left but there's no way I can resist more Derek (and Stiles!). I'm actually a little stunned that both of them are coming back for the end.

Back home

Jul. 8th, 2017 09:54 pm
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I'm spent the last month visiting my parents and going on vacation, but now I'm back in NJ getting slowly into a work groove and trying to adjust again to humidity.

Things I accomplished on vacation:

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and loved it. I'm not sure it was better than the first film but, after listening to my mom play the soundtrack nonstop for weeks, I do think it's a better album. I loved all the attention given to Gamora and Nebula's relationship and that it was a film about family: blood, adopted, or chosen. I also totally gave a little cheer at seeing Ben Browder. Everything about the Priestess and her people was awesome.

Saw Wonder Woman and just fucking adored it. My expectations were low as can be after BvS, even though I was excited about Gal Gadot. And then there was all the hype and I figured it couldn't possibly live up to it. But it did. I would watch a thousand movies about Diana, and if WB were smart they would have Patty Jenkins direct all of their DC films.

I got my mom hooked on Preacher. I don't know if this makes me a terrible daughter or an awesome one.

Started watching Anne with an E. I was a huge fan of the original mini-series when I was a kid (my family even visited L.M. Montgomery's home on PEI!). This take is certainly darker and aiming for more realism (though sometimes skirting into melodrama). But I'll stick with it, largely because the woman playing Marilla is amazing.

Apparently Photobucket is going to start charging for embedding images? My old links to icons and wallpaper still seem to be working for now and I'm honestly not sure I can be bothered to reupload everything elsewhere if they break. Maybe someday AO3 will actually archive fanart as intended (I'm not holding my breath) but until then, oh well. If I ever get my graphics mojo back I guess I'll work with DW's image hosting.

In conclusion, bears. Literally. )


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